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Nintendo Switch Wish List Nintendo Switch Presentation 2017 History of Smash Bros. Rumors and Leaks Why the Wii U Failed Tinder What the Wii U Did Right Most Wanted Nintendo Switch Games Nintendo Switch: Three Days In Console Wars Physical vs. Digital Games A Look Back at the Nintendo 3DS Breath of the Wild Isn't Perfect (Spoilers) Microconsoles Star Fox Zero | Bad Game or Baddest Game? Stop Smoking! Mario Kart 9 Wish List Definitive Editions GameCube Was Best The First E3 (1995) Fixing the Worst Game Trailers Nintendo Mini Consoles Wish List Ranking the Final Smashes A Look Back at E3 Rumors E3 2017 Super Mario 3D World | A Critical Second Look Fitness Games Most Wanted Smash Bros. Stages Who Will Be the Next SEGA? ARMS vs. Splatoon | Battle of the New IPs Gaming on a Budget The Art of Speedruns Gravity Rush | Tales from the Backlog Game Consoles That Refused to Die Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) | Birth of a Laughing Stock The Rise and Fall and Rise of Amiibo The Best Games of All Time The Worst Games of All Time NES and SNES Classic Alternatives E3 1996 A Console's Last Game Nintendo World Championships The Wii: Underpowered Yet Underrated Polybius The Legend of Zelda (NES) | Tales from the Backlog Super Mario Galaxy | Ten Years of Bliss Black Friday Call of Duty on Wii Lost in Localization Super Mario Odyssey vs. Breath of the Wild | Battle of the Masterpieces A Very Madden 08 Christmas