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My First Nintendo Power Issue

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Least Favorite Video Game Spines

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Talking Bad Movies with Sam

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Wii Games on PlayStation 2

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Ranking the New Super Mario Bros. Games

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The Wii Family Edition

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VR Fishing from Cracker Barrel with Sam and Justin

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Scott, Sam and Eric Can't Believe SimAnimals

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The Game Boy Micro

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Scott, Sam and Eric Make a Bet in Super Mario Maker

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Browsing Zillow with Sam and Eric

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Thoughts on Current Controllers

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The Inconsistency of PlayStation 3 Boxes

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New Nintendo 3DS Exclusive Games

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Icebreakers with Jacksfilms

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The PlayStation TV

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Nintendo Direct Memories with AntDude, Jon Cartwright and Derrick Bitner

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Looking Back at GameCube with Jon from Spawn Wave

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The Nintendo Switch Lite

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A Scott The Woz Mini-Documentary by a Friend

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A Conversation with James Rolfe

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Ranking Streaming Services with Schaffrillas Productions

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My Club Nintendo Collection

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A Lesson in Pokémon with Sam, Eric, Dom and Justin

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Cutting the Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster in Half with Alpharad

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Looking Back at amiibo with AntDude

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Ranking the Wii Series

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Wii Toys from Burger King (2008) with Sam and Justin

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The Year of Luigi

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Ranking Nintendo Published Switch Games with Wood from BeatEmUps

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Eric Explains Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood

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Nintendo Selects

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# Card Name Reference Quote Description Artist Video 'Official' Preview
not 1:1 to final version
1 HEY ALL, SCOTT HERE Scott The Woz "Hey all, Scott here." - Scott Hey all, Scott here. Josh Ketchen *****************************************
2 THE INTERNET AND YOU Scott The Woz "Woooooaaah!" - Abraham Ethernat and Net-Meister 4089 Appearing in every "Scott The Woz" episode on Scott's desk is a VHS copy of "The Internet and You", a bizarre video tape from the '90s about the dangers of the world wide web that Scott has never referenced... Barrett Biggers ************************************************************************
3 WHERE IT ALL BEGAN Episode 1 "*Throws console box out of window*" - Scott From the very first scene of the very first episode of "Scott The Woz", Scott throws that outdated console out the window, readying himself for a new generation of gaming. Five years later, he won't shut the hell up about that very same outdated console. Kevin Fagaragan ***********************************************************************
4 A FIGHT IN COURT Episode 100 "It's gonna take a lot more than aggravated assault and battery to stop me-AUGH!" - Scott While in an alternate reality, Scott gets flung into an awesome 16-bit basketball game, baby! Pummeled by the supreme leader of this new world, Scott fights back to ensure everybody has the right to a sports game to call their own. Kiana Mosser ********************************************************************
5 GAME SHOW GAMES Episode 170 "Half of this is better than none? Glass of water." - Scott After competing on "Say That Answer!", Scott plays numerous video games based on popular game shows. Gus Bordel ********************************************
6 SHOVELWARE VARIETY HOUR Episode 132 "Awh yeah, garbage!" - Scott Scott ventures through countless examples of shovelware across the ongoing "Shovelware Variety Hour" series. "Ventures" is a synonym for "suffocates". Figburn (Card #06) Eric Explains JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood
7 BATTLE IN THE SEWERS Episode 175 "Ah! There are my jeans!" - Jerry Attricks After playing through three of the worst games from 2015, Scott, alongside Jeb Jab, Rex Mohs and his therapist Jerry Attricks, encounter a monster composed of games he threw down the toilet. Htoast Art (Card #07) Browsing Zillow with Sam and Eric
8 IT'S THE PLAYER'S CHOICE Episode 51 "Is it OCD? Well, as someone who unknowingly as OCD would say: I dunno." - Scott Scott delves into why he doesn't like how budget rereleases of games on certain consoles feel the need to change the color and/or size of the system's branding. Kevin Fagaragan **********************************************
9 BEING SEEN ON TV Episode 96 "Uh hi my name is Jick, my friends call me Todd but my real name is Scott." - Scott Scott sees products on TV and just has to have them, but not before being on TV himself as the last customer of a closing store ever. Louis Roskoosch (Card #09) Scott, Sam and Eric Somehow Finish a Game of Family Feud: 2010 Edition
10 ULTIMATE SPORTS GAME MECH FIGHT Episode 100 "Hate to be a buzzkill, but I usually call it quits when these sorts of things happen" - Terry Lesler Scott fights the supreme leader of an alternate reality where a 16-bit basketball game is the only sports title allowed. Using the power of the 08 Mech, Scott can overpower this foe..but at the cost of losing his favorite sports game of all time. Htoast Art ******************************
11 BORDERLINE FOREVER Episode 200 "I f@#$ing HATE circles!" - Jerry Attricks Scott, Jerry Attricks, Terry Lesler, Jeb Jab, Rex Mohs and the Employee prepare for battle while in space searching for the origin of the blue border that obstructs their vision. Radically Maxton *****************************
12 GAMING REVIVALS Episode 221 "I've been getting really invested in the culture of my religion lately, but the word culture rhymes with vulture, so I don't really like it, I've just been calling it a cult." - Rex Mohs While the gang runs a "Ghosts for Sale" stand, officer Steel Wool awakens from the grave after Rex Mohs uses his cult knowledge to raise the dead. Htoast Art (Card #12) The Wii Family Edition
13 PURGATORY Episode 173 "We have to convince God that we aren't just repeating history...oh! And that I should get new shoes." - Scott After talking about the same game twice, Scott breaks the space-time continuum and lands up in purgatory. MagDraws **************************************************
14 EMERGENCY THERAPY Episode 175 "Nice place...this your couch? - Jerry Attricks After seeing how Scott throws numerous copies of a game down the toilet, his therapist, Jerry Attricks, forcibly puts him through emergency therapy. Htoast Art (Card #14) The Game Boy Micro
15 STICKER COLLECTION Scott The Woz Merchandise for Charity Bonanza 2021 "What more could you ask for other than more than this?" - Scott Wozniak A collection of stickers offered as part of the "Scott The Woz Merchandise for Charity Event 2021". Some of these were a part of a "Scott The Woz" sticker sheet sold by itself, while others were exclusive to "The Internet and You: Anniversary Edition"! Designed by Dylan West (Card #15) Least Favorite Video Game Spines
16 JAB FARMS, IT'S A TITLE, NOT A COMMAND Episode 226 "If you're gonna treat this waste with respect, I'm gonna treat it like the garbage it was always meant to be" - Jeb Jab Jeb Jab bought 30 acres of farmland during his tenure as a ”Waste Chaser”. While initially planning to do nothing with it, Jab Farms is now home to rotting toys-to-life figures. Htoast Art (Card #16) Looking Back at amiibo with AntDude
17 PARTY HARDER Episode 227 "...can I have a refill?" - Rex Mohs Scott, Rex Mohs and Jeb Jab get together before a funeral to understand how to REALLY mourn. Brennan Dundas (Cami) **********************************************
18 ELUSIVE DEMONIC ARCADE CABINET Episode 43 "Well luckily, I was diagnosed with a little thing I like to call 'street smarts'." - Scott What's scarier than an arcade cabinet that can brainwash those who play it? An arcade cabinet that can brainwash those who play it right BEHIND YOU. Htoast Art (Card #18) The PlayStation TV
19 SCOTT GOT ROBBED Episode 215 "Oh for the love of God, I was supposed to get robbed TOMORROW." - Scott Scott gets robbed, later finding out, by the bank. Some of the few things left over included mobile games on home consoles. Thank God. Popuru (Card #19) Scott, Sam and Eric Make a Bet in Super Mario Maker
20 THE REX MOHS CRUCI-FICTION SPECIAL Episode 230 "I was overjoyed." - Rex Mohs Rex Mohs isn't the second coming of Christ. He's just the coming of Christ. Htoast Art (Card #20) Scott, Sam and Eric Can't Believe SimAnimals
21 THIS GAME BLOWS Episode 11 "This game blows!" - Scott This game blows. I hope a sewage monster doesn't appear due to it 164 episodes later. Mythallica (Card #21) Wii Toys from Burger King (2008) with Sam and Justin
22 MAKESHIFT ACCESSORY Episode 222 "You control it using your face...I made an accessory." - Scott Scott finds a game where you control a pilot with your face, so he attaches the handheld to a pole so he doesn't have to hold it. Scott Wozniak (Card #22) The Year of Luigi
23 THIRD PARTY CONTROLLER WATCH LIST Episode 86 "Too small and uncomfortable for all you with hands out there." - Scott Scott's contribution to society happens to be a news segment going over third party controllers to keep an eye out for. You don't want one of these walking around your neighborhood. Kevin Fagaragan (Card #23) My First Nintendo Power Issue
24 TERRY LESLER Episode 140 "I'm not one to leave the party early, but when people start gettin' murdered, that's where I draw the line." - Terry Lesler Terry Lesler was one of the many guests of honor to a dinner party at the Shaft Family Estate, which quickly went from no murder to more than enough murder. Htoast Art ******************************************
25 SCOTT THE WOZ PRESENTS: THE MYSTERIOUS GAME OF CRYPTICISM Scott The Woz Merchandise for Charity Bonanza 2020 "The expedition to discover what lies within your soul: is it a person, or somebody who's about to play a mystery video game?" - Back Cover The big product for the "Scott The Woz Merchandise for Charity Bonanza 2020", this was a mystery retro game with a "Scott The Woz" label smacked on the original. Customers wouldn't know what game they got until putting it in a system or carefully peeling the new label back. Numerous extras were also in-cluded in the box set, including a booklet, stickers, poster and...oh &!@# a sock. Josh Ketchen / Dylan West **********************************
26 HAUNTED HOUSE Episode 92 "You can't arrest a vampire." - Scott Scott wants get into the Halloween spirit and piss himself, which results in him going to a haunted house to play an old FMV game from the '90s. Sammy Tighe (Card #26) Talking Bad Movies with Sam
27 THE EMPLOYEE'S FUNERAL Episode 228 "We had to make it, your brother didn't." - Scott After the Employee's death by a memory card to the knee, his brother, the Employee, throws a funeral sponsored by chips companies, to the dismay of Rex Mohs, who wants to be the life of said funeral. Htoast Art *****************************
28 THIRD PARTY LIFE SUPPORT Episode 133 "This isn't a life support machine, this was just a bread box!" - Scott After talking third party controllers, Scott gets pretty miffed when one of the controller manufacturers cheaps out on the life support machine he bought from them. Giffi. Toon. Co (Card #28) Wii Games on PlayStation 2
29 MAGIC TRICK Episode 235 "I will turn THIS into a better game!" - Scott Scott doesn't like this game. Kevin Fagaragan (Card #29) New Nintendo 3DS Exclusives
30 ANIME GAMES Episode 151 "Have a nice prom!" - Scott After looking at various anime games, Scott gets sucked into the world of the medium and battles Dr. Anna May. BROONOart (Card #30) My Club Nintendo Collection
31 TO DELAY A GAME Episode 192 "It IS laundry season, seems like everybody's cleaning their clothes these days." - Scott Scott tells the story of a brown haired white boy with glasses talking about video game delays as he awaits the dryer to fix itself. Htoast Art (Card #31) A Scott The Woz Mini Documentary by a Friend
32 MIDNIGHT RELEASES Episode 143 "If I run out of food rations, I have fishing maps just in case...if I gotta fish, I gotta fish." - Scott Scott waits in the November cold for a game he doesn't even like. But at least his bug spray repelled any snakes. Justin Laneville (JuicyArtz) (Card #32) A Lesson in Pokémon with Sam, Eric, Dom and Justin
33 COOKING LESSONS Episode 189 "With Thanksgiving around the corner, what am I gonna do if I can't cook, be thankful? - Scott Scott uses a game to learn how to cook Ohioan macaroni and cheese for Rex Mohs and Jeb Jab. Izzy (Yogcavey) (Card #33) VR Fishing from Cracker Barrel with Sam and Justin
34 A MEETING WITH KAY SWISS Episode 150 "Why are they all wet?" - Kay Swiss Scott meets with the banker, Kay Swiss, to discuss his money issues. The stack of wet games Scott brought doesn't help things. Htoast Art (Card #34) Ranking Nintendo Published Switch Games with Wood from BeatEmUps
35 NIRVANA ON A PLATE Episode 50 "The prophecy." - Scott Out of all the American football games released in 2007 that starts with "Madde" and ends with "N 08", this game is Scott's favorite and will never leave his side. Htoast Art & SmashToons (Card #35) Nintendo Selects
36 GAME COLLECTING Episode 161 "Look at me, do I look like I don't do this?" - Scott Scott's advice on game collecting: waste money. Dewey Neal (Card #36) Nintendo Direct Memories with AntDude, Jon Cartwright and Derrick Bitner
37 THE RAREST GAMES Episode 134 "With a line!" - Scott What’s the rarest game of all time? Obviously the only copy of a game with a line on it drawn by Scott. Louis Roskoosch (Card #37) A Conversation with James Rolfe
38 CRITIQUE THAT LEAK! Episode 3 "Hello everybody and welcome back to Critique That Leak! Brought to you by concrete matter, there's nothing better to start your day off with, concrete matter. Well, let's critique some leaks!" - Scott Critique That Leak! A Scott-hosted show that pops up whenever he talks rumors and leaks throughout the video game industry. Kevin Fagaragan (Card #38) Thoughts on Current Controllers
39 GAME BATHS Episode 216 "Man, this bath tub could be more comfortable...could use some hay." - Scott Bathe, Scott! Bathe! Ana Pijamas **********************************************
40 SCOTT VS. THE CURSE Episode 231 "I did it." - Scott Scott goes face to face with the testosterone monster lying within the game he spent hours beating without having any relations. He deserved to win after this one. Ian Sanchez (Churro.MP4) (Card #40) Cutting the Smash Bros. Ultimate Roster in Half with Alpharad
41 THE WASTE CHASERS Episode 226 "Do we need gas?" - Rex Mohs "No..let's get some." - Jeb Jab "The Waste Chasers" is a team consisting of Jeb Jab, Rex Mohs and his cousin Dex Mohs. Hellbent on teaching others how to waste product, they show up to Scott's house in order to aid him in taking a look at the most wasteful products of all time: toys-to-life games. BacunNG (Card #41) Ranking the New Super Mario Bros. Series
42 JUST ANOTHER FAN Episode 235 "How fun! This game has graphics and tennis." - Scott Scott illustrates how some video game personalities online seem to avoid critiques of certain companies with the aid of a microphone, graphic tee and plushies. Kevin Fagaragan (Card #42) Ranking the Wii Series
43 GAMES ON A SHELF Episode 95 "Join our membership #$@%head." - Scott Scott works for the struggling game store, Games on a Shelf. Employed by Chet Shaft, Scott works on his customer relation skills while contributing to bankrupting the company. John-Charles Holmes ****************************************************
44 SEX? NO. Episode 136 "I thought that was a beer." - Rex Mohs Scott holds his own homecoming dance, which of course needs a chaperone. Introducing Rex Mohs! He's been violently conditioned to resist all forms of alcohol, drugs, violence and sex, and most importantly: sex. Kevin Fagaragan *************************************************
45 THE DOORWAY Episode 157 "I just couldn't believe my uncle died again." - Rex Mohs Rex Mohs and Jeb Jab oftentimes show up at Scott's door, sometimes after Scott promises a "gecko with sunglasses" themed night. Pringus McDingus ***********************************
46 SPELUNK, SCOTT! SPELUNK! Episode 231 "Society may have lost its virginity, but I'm here to find it." - Scott Traversing caves, Scott aims to find the origins of the curse which transformed the abstinent into people. Louis Roskoosch (Card #46) Ranking Streaming Services with Schaffrillas Productions
47 THE BIG REVEAL Episode 199 "Oh, you don't even know what it is!" - Scott Scott recreates what it must've been like to reveal a red pair of 3D gaming goggles in 1994. It must've hurt. Kevin Fagaragan (Card #47) The Inconsistency of PlayStation 3 Boxes
48 8-BIT MEMORIES Scott The Woz Presents: The Mysterious Game of Crypticism "Oh man! All my memories! That's when I saw a white guy..oh that's when I WAS a white guy!" - Scott A collection of screenshots included on the back box art of "Scott The Woz Presents: The Mysterious Game of Crypticism"! These are 8-bit representations of numerous iconic "Scott The Woz" moments, such as scenes from "Game Show Games" and "It's Awesome Baby!". Barrett Biggers (Card #48) Looking Back at GameCube with Jon from SpawnWave
49 THE POST-APOCALYPSE Episode 89 "My net worth!" - Scott Scott goes into hiding with his video game console loaded up on digital titles after the Shop Channel closes down and the post-apocalypse commences...well, technically it was still the pre-apocalypse so I don't wanna KNOW what the post-apocalypse looks like. Kevin Fagaragan (Card #49) The Nintendo Switch Lite
50 BLUE BORDER SPACE STATION Episode 200 "So that's what blue is." - Scott The blue border surrounding Scott, his friends and eventually Ohio originates from space, armed with the ability to surround anything with a large outline that obstructs vision. Barrett Biggers (Card #50) Icebreakers with Jacksfilms
51 HEY ALL, SCOTT HERE Scott The Woz "Hey all, Scott here." - Scott Hey all, Scott here. Bemmpo *************************************************