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How to do Frame Guessing

  1. Where is Scott?
  2. Determining if Scott is at Old Location McGee, New Location McGee or New Locationer McGee should always be your first step. The giveaway is generally the background. Look for the wall slant, the plain wall, the taped paper, the plain blue wall and the painted and textured wall.

  3. Is Scott at the desk? What items are on the desk?
  4. This is mostly aimed at desk items being added and removed, but objects used for jokes also count here. No Xbox shampoo bottle? It's before Game Baths.

  5. What is Scott wearing?
  6. Usually, Scott’s outfit is the giveaway. He’s a pretty consistent guy and nine times out of ten will stick with the same clothes for the whole/the majority of the episode. If the frame you’re looking at has Scott wearing a gray sweater, you should start looking through thumbnails to see what episodes he is wearing said gray sweater as a starting point.

  7. Is there anything that stands out about the image?
  8. Is the inflatable gator box broken? Is something on the desk super askew? Is the lighting kind of weird? Does Scott have really short or long hair? Yes, guessing from hair length works sometimes. Think about anything out of the ‘ordinary’— these are your hints.


When frame guessing, thumbnails are your best friend. The Scott in a thumbnail will almost always tell you the outfit of the day and how Scott’s styled his hair, helping you figure out what episode we’re looking at.

Be careful, though. Since the ‘thumbnail Scott’ is usually taken from a point in an episode, Scott may actually be wearing something totally different.

i.e. Anime Games — the thumbnail has Scott wearing something from a bit, whereas for most of the episode he is not wearing this shirt.


Knowing what the different backgrounds mean will immediately give you a season number and tell you what episodes to look at.